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A season of transitions

The season of transition is starting to show all around us.

The season of transition is starting to show all around us.

Change is in the air. There is no denying it.

Here in north Louisiana, the temperatures and humidity have slipped out of the triple digits and settled in the 90s. And if you put your ear to the ground, that sound you will hear is football season barreling down upon us. It does appear that fall is on its way.

Poetically, fall is a season of transition — from the life of summer to the death of winter. But as I look around, this fall appears to be a season of new beginnings for a lot of people around me.

Take Dick Schneider and Africa Price. Dick was my managing editor at The Jackson Sun. He’s the one who gave me my shot in journalism. I remember long hours covering an execution, devastating tornadoes, and the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. I remember the joy of covering women’s basketball national championships and a Southern League Championship for the Diamond Jaxx in 2000.

Dick is perhaps the closest personification of J. Jonah Jameson from Spiderman. He is an old-school newspaper man through and through.

Africa was my last managing editor in Jackson. Then she became the last executive editor I worked for at The Times here in Shreveport. Africa shares Dick’s passion and enthusiasm for journalism. She did have a softer side. When I worked with them together in Jackson, they complimented each other perfectly. As bosses, they made great bookends for my journalism career.

Dick and Africa both left Gannett on Friday. They are both opening new chapters in their lives. Dick’s next chapter will include lots of time with the grandkids. Africa is looking forward to being a mom with a regular schedule.

It will be strange to think about newspapers without thinking about them. Their impact on journalism and the communities they served will be felt for a long time.

Then there is Brandon and Kassie Moon. Brandon has been the worship leader at out church for about a year. This week, this young couple is California-bound to start the next chapter of their lives. Their talents and heart will be deeply missed here, and they will be a big blessing to the folks in their new homes. Yes, their future is bright. I hope they’re wearing shades.

I have other friends who are moving into new houses, sending kids to college and planning children’s weddings. Every where I look, it’s change, change, change.

Then there’s our lives. Hadley is in kindergarten. We’re bringing new life to some old tables and stools around the house. We’ve welcomed a cat into our family. And I am on my way to losing 80 pounds. I even put it out on Facebook. That’s about as official as things get these days.

I’m excited to see what this new season brings, around our house and in the lives of those around us.

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